The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind — стоило бы перевести

The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind - стоило бы перевести

Creative Commons License

The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.

If you like it, please consider buying a copy.

Why am I allowing you to copy the book for free?  And why is Yale University Press letting me?   To understand why I am doing it, watch this video by Jesse Dylan.  And if you want to  understand why it  makes economic sense to my publisher, read this short article.

Download the book as a pdf. (1.6Mb)

This is the book exactly as it is printed — same typesetting and pagination.  The pdf is searchable and has bookmarks for each chapter.  If clicking on the link doesn’t open the book in your browser — which takes a few seconds, depending on the speed of your connection –  right click the link and choose “Save As” (on a PC) or Control-click (on a Mac) and choose “Save Link As”.  Then double click the file you have downloaded.  If you are the impatient type, here is a link to a faster loading and slightly smaller version which you should be able to start reading even as it downloads.  The downside is, some people have experienced problems with it; (older versions of Acrobat, some versions of Mozilla Firefox, some Linux pdf viewers..)

Download/read in html

Read Online at Yale University Press (html)

Preface: Comprised of at Least Jelly?

Chapter 1: Why Intellectual Property?

Chapter 2: Thomas Jefferson Writes a Letter

Chapter 3: The Second Enclosure Movement

Chapter 4: The Internet Threat

Chapter 5: The Farmers’ Tale: An Allegory

Chapter 6: I Got a Mashup

Chapter 7: The Enclosure of Science and Technology: Two Case Studies

Chapter 8: A Creative Commons

Chapter 9: An Evidence-Free Zone

Chapter 10: An Environmentalism for Information

Courtesy of Greg Kearney of Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology here is a DAISY talking book version (Information on DAISY books here)

Here is another html version created by Franco Iacomella.Thanks

(The only versions that I have tested for accuracy are the pdf and html versions I supplied.)

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