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Japan e-book distributor Media Do to build ‘AI translator’- Nikkei Asian Review

Audible Creates $5 Million Fund for Emerging Playwrights — The New York Times

Go To Hellman: Readium’s New Licensed Content Protection May Result in Better Reader Privacy

Amazon Just Invented Borders Books – 500ish Words

First impressions of an Amazon bookstore — The Idea Logical Company

Dosdoce and Bookwire Chart ‘Soaring’ Ebook Sales in Spanish Markets

Медиапотребление в России – 2017 | | «Делойт», СНГ | Высокие технологии, телекоммуникации, развлечения и СМИ

EPUB2 to EPUB3: Lessons Learnt in Conversion

Is Mass Market Dying, Or Just Evolving—Again?

India’s Book-Buying Habits Say A Lot About The Country’s Economy — Bloomberg

Scribd says it has over 500,000 subscribers paying $8.99/month for ebooks, audiobooks, and now news » Nieman Journalism Lab

Russia’s Readers Raise the Digital Stakes Amid Falling Print Sales

China Reading Launches Qidian Platform for an International Audience

Новый доклад Вишенбарта (2017) Wischenbart.com

В помощь начинающим EPUB-издателям Learning about Ebook Development – EPUBSecrets

Publishing’s Digital Transformation: ‘What the Readers and Users Want’

Digital Public Library of America Launching Ebook Pilot | N S R

AAP Files Amicus Brief in Important Copyright Case: Capitol Records, LLC v. Redigi

Kindle Unlimited Funding Pool Totaled $17.8 Million in April 2017 | The Digital Reader

Nobody Knows What a Book Is Anymore — Urbanomic

2017 Global Ebook Report: As Many Stories as Markets

HarperCollins Reports 7% Increase in audiobook and e-book sales Q1 2017

Hachette Reports Digital Accounts for 10% of their Total Revenue Q1 2017

Are digital libraries the future for children’s reading? Library of Miss Gadish launches — ShinyShiny

The Four Basic Ebook Models for K-12 Libraries | N S R

No, ebooks aren’t dying — but their quest to dominate the reading world has hit a speed bump — LA Times

eBook Startup Livrada Has Shut Down | The Digital Reader

Российское книгоиздание в 2016 году: смена тренда, или Вверх по лестнице, ведущей вниз?

readium/webpub-manifest: A JSON based Web Publication Manifest format used by the Readium-2 project

readium/readium-2: Main repo for the Readium-2 project, used for documents & issue tracker

IDC: Tablet Shipments Down, Smartphone Shipments Up | The Digital Reader

Капитан Очевидность Майкл Козловсикий E-Book Retailers Need to Partner with Carriers and Smartphone Companies

Продажи вырости, аудиокниги выросли, электронные книги упали, но не говорят, на сколько Simon and Schuster Audiobook Sales Increase by 35% in Q1 2017

Роулинг ещё и книжный клуб запускает Pottermore Launches Official Harry Potter Book Club

Как верстать стихи в электронногой книге. Часть I Well Hung: Poetry, Ebooks, and Indents, Part One – EPUBSecrets

У Pearson как-то не очень дела Pearson Plans More Cuts, May Sell School Group

European Commission’s New E-book Rules Worry Booksellers

Milo Yiannopoulos to self-publish memoir and sue Simon & Schuster | Books | The Guardian

How Long Should My Book Be? We Analyzed 272 #1 Bestsellers to Find Out — Book in a Box

Books have decreased in page length over the last 7 years

EU Accepts Amazon eBook Commitments to Settle Antitrust Case | The Digital Reader

Cheaper ebooks on the cards as MEPs vote to lower VAT rate

Scrivener для авторов и редакторов – Anton Maslak – Medium

The rise of reading analytics and the emerging calculus of reader privacy in the digital world | Lynch | First Monday

A Potentially Pivotal Case: Louisiana State University and Elsevier

Что и как делают разных редакторы и читалки при создании и рендеринге EPUB FriendsOfEpub/WillThatBeOverriden


Стала немного понятнее внутренняя кухня переваривания книжек Amazon. Страшно, да What Kindle does behind the scenes – Jiminy Panoz – Medium

Как самостоятельно издавать книги, которые вам нравятся | Ridero.Ru

Я пристроился, EPUB: dolboeb

Government extends PLR to e-books and e-audiobooks | The Bookseller

Kindle for iOS Updated With All-Text Bold, Kindle for Android gets Enhanced Search and ComiXology Guided View | The Digital Reader

No, CNN, eBook Sales Have Not Plunged Nearly 20% | The Digital Reader

Kbuuk, PublishDrive, Scribl, StreetLib 4 eBook Platforms Offering Cool Data, Distribution & Marketing Tools — BookWorks

Guardian продолжает крестовый поход против электронных книг How eBooks lost their shine: ‘Kindles now look clunky and unhip’ | Books | The Guardian

Ричард Столлмен — хороший человек. Хоть и параноик Ebooks undermine your freedom and privacy | Letters | Books | The Guardian

Börsenverein: Zahl der Buchhandlungen wird weiter schrumpfen » lesen.net

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