Red Staple — ещё один epub- и enhanced сервис для издателей

On iBookstore, you can now offer an Enhanced version of your book. Include things like video and audio to enhance the experience. Great for topics like cooking, exercise, music, film, DIY and more. Add video that shows how something is done or add an audio file that gives readers more information.

Use the Red Staple Enhanced iBook tool to bring together your .doc file with images, links, video and audio. You’ll upload your document, add your images, links, video and audio and then publish to the Enhanced iBook format. We validate the ePub file as well as the video and audio. When the file is ready, you can download and deliver using your preferred method.

Like the ePub tool, we allow you to create your Enhanced iBook for free and only charge when you’re ready to download. After you purchase, you will have 2 free re-edits/downloads.

Скоро, наверное, и в России они будут плодиться, как грибы.

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