Random House займётся instant publishing

Speaking at the inaugural Futurebook Innovation Workshop, held in London Bridge, digital editor Dan Franklin announced that five 10,000 word e-books would be released on 28th July, priced £2.99, with Franklin saying the books, and the imprint, will be aiming to fill the space for long-form journalism left as traditional media contracts.

The specially-commissioned titles, all written by journalists, will be: Kettled Youth by Dan Hancox; The Debt Delusion by Mehdi Hassan; The Revolution Road by Peter Beaumont; Digital Activism or Slack-tivism? by Tom Chatfield, and Nariman Youssef’s Tahrir: 18 Days of Grace. Speaking to The Bookseller, Franklin said: «The books all look at key themes behind revolution and unrest in genreal but all focus in on a specific area. All the authors have a strong online presence and a parent media organisation that they can market through, and we will be backing that too.»

Быстрорастворимая публицистика. Странно, что до сих пор у у нас никто не занялся. Недорого. Журналисты пока ещё не повывелись.

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