Quakebook — оч. правильный проект

Quakebook - оч. правильный проект


In just four weeks, the 2:46 Quakebook project turned an idea first voiced in a single tweet, into a rich collection of essays, artwork and photographs submitted by indivdiuals around the world, including people who endured the disaster and journalists who covered it.

2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake contains a piece by Yoko Ono, and work created specifically for the book by authors William Gibson, Barry Eisler and Jake Adelstein.

The Kindle ebook is available to buy from anywhere in the world at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. You don’t even need a Kindle. Just go to the order page and download (for free) a Kindle reader for your Mac, PC or smart phone.

Learn more about the project here

Stay up to date on the latest news using the twitter hashtag #quakebook or through the news updates below.

Обложка завораживает.
Все деньги — в японский Красный крест.
Киндл-версию можно купить на Amazon.

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