Прогнозы Price Waterhouse Coopers по рынку электронных книг

The analysis reported that in 2010 e-book sales in the UK represented 1.5% of the overall market, or $52m (£33.1m), but that by 2015 they would represent 14.2% of the market, or $534m (£339.9m), amounting to growth of 59.3%. E-book sales in the US were estimated at $1.5bn (£955.1m) in 2010, 7.2%, of the overall books market, and were expected to grow to $5.6bn (£3.56bn) by 2015, 22.5% of the overall market, representing growth of 30%.

2010 — 2015
Великобритания: 1,5% — 14,2%
США: 7,2% — 22,5%.
На континенте ситуация консервативнее: к 2015 году доля электронных книг составит 6,3% рынка в Германии и 4,4% в Нидерландах.
Россия, кажется, ближе к Германии.

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