Почему Амазон не беспокоится по поводу новых правил Apple

Amazon has been working on Kindle for the Web, which has been in beta testing since last September. At the moment, you can only preview the first chapter from select titles on Amazon, but according to the Kindle for the Web page, full text is coming soon.

To test this out, I went searching through Amazon’s Top 100 list to find a title available in the Kindle for the Web program. The book I stumbled upon was Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for StoneПочему Амазон не беспокоится по поводу новых правил Apple. Once there, you’ll see a green box to the right, labeled Kindle Edition, which contains a button giving you the option to “Read first chapter FREE”. When you click that button, Kindle for the Web opens in your browser (Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, or Chrome 5), allowing you to read the first chapter online. While this works seamlessly on the desktop and iPad, getting Kindle for the Web to work on an iPhone takes a little extra work, but it can be done.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the reason we haven’t heard Jeff Bezos screaming about this recent change to the IAP rules is because Amazon isn’t worried. They have a solution already in beta testing and it works just fine. Instead of using the Kindle app, iOS users can just point Safari to Amazon’s site, buy the Kindle ebook, and read it right there in Safari. No app required.

Again, Kindle for the Web is just a beta right now, so full text isn’t available at the moment. You can bet Amazon will make a big splash about this, though, once they have all the publishers lined up and ready to go.

Коротко: потому что Kindle for the Web никто ограничить не сможет.

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