News+ большше, чем газета

All About News+

In December 2009, Bonnier launched Mag+, a format that quickly set a new standard for digital magazines. Mag+ got a lot of attention worldwide in the trade press and was called «King of the Hill» by Steve Jobs when Apple launched the iPad.

The lessons learned from Mag+ have shaped the development of a new digital format for tomorrow’s newspapers: News+.

News+ combines the depth and editorial choices of a daily newspaper with the web’s possibilities for interaction and quick updates.

Browsing News+ and absorbing the content comes naturally, making readers feel close to the articles and photos. You can follow the most important news as it develops in a special section that is continuously updated, so News+ keeps you on top of the news all day.

Subscribers get a daily newspaper with well-qualified and in-depth analysis, and the possibility to follow the most important events of the day — live.

The format was developed by several of Bonnier’s daily newspapers along with Bonnier R&D. Readers have also been involved and had their say on the new format during development.

First out is Swedish morning daily Dagens Nyheter with DN+, followed soon by dailies Sydsvenskan and Expressen and business dailies Dagens Industri in Sweden and Børsen in Denmark.

Applications for each of the newspapers will be available for downloading at Apple’s App Store. Readers can choose to subscribe or buy single copies in the app.

More information will be available from each individual newspaper at the launch.

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