Mobipocket выходит из конкуренции ePub и Amazon

Is the end near for Mobipocket? — MobileRead Forums

The end seems to be near for the Mobipocket ebook standard. On the sign up page of Mobipocket Ebookbase, the following text is displayed:

Effective September 2009, we will no longer open new accounts for publishers to sell titles through the Kindle Store or If you have an existing account, there will be no change and you can continue to upload and sell titles using Ebookbase. New publishers with a US address and bank account can sign up to sell ebooks in the Kindle store via our self-service publishing channel at

Now that many ereaders switch to ePub, and cannot read their DRM’ed Mobipocket ebooks anymore, and Ebookbase is not accepting new Mobipocket publishers, it looks like Mobipocket is exit. Too bad, Amazon could have done much more with the format.

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