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Линки января

Kindle for PC gains text-to-speech (but makes stripping DRM harder) — Liliputing

Shelfie to Shutdown on 31 January — Download Your eBooks NOW | The Digital Reader

New Kindle Publishing Guidelines Swaps References to «E-ink» with «e-Reader» | The Digital Reader

BookNet Canada Reports Print, eBook Sales Down in 2016 | The Digital Reader

Canadian publishing in 2016: A review — BookNet Canada

PayPal Has Been Talking With Amazon on Payments, CEO Says — Bloomberg

eBook Bundle Service Elly’s Choice Goes International, Rebrands as Book Choice | The Digital Reader

Библиотеки запустят интернет-сервис для бронирования списанных книг / Новости города / Сайт Москвы

Latest Kindle for PC no longer uses Calibre-compatible AZW files

EPUB Summit 2017 Program – EDRLab

Your ISP will no longer send you warnings when pirating e-books

Adobe Digital Editions Now Available for Android | The Digital Reader

Exact Editions Launches Single Publisher Subscription Plans | The Digital Reader

Amazon Kindle Write On will be Closing in March

2017 Publishing Trends for Authors | Pressbooks

Сервис Bookmate вышел на рынок Дании и анонсировал появление аудиокниг

Children’s e-book subscription service launches | The Bookseller

Scribd subscription service adds seven more magazines

Nielsen on Consumers: A Promising Sign That More Boys May Be Reading

Sales of George Orwell’s 1984 surge after Kellyanne Conway’s ‘alternative facts’ | Books | The Guardian

S&S moves to reassure authors after Milo Yiannopoulos controversy | The Bookseller

The Impact of Pricing on Book Buying Behavior — Digital Book World

Self-Publishing in 2017: The Year in Preview

The Bad News About E-books

Google Hopes Renting eBooks will gain them more customers

Print vs Digital, Traditional vs Non-Traditional, Bookstore vs Online: 2016 Trade Publishing by the numbers – Author Earnings

Amazon.co.uk: Storyteller UK: Kindle Store

Next Steps in Digitization for Book Publishers

Canada’s Agency eBook Pricing Settlement Will Have Little Impact on eBook Prices | The Digital Reader

First look at Windows 10’s upcoming store for e-books — MSPoweruser

Grandes Libros, A Spanish-Language Social Network for Book Fans

Neuland 2.0: Startup Village at the Leipzig Book Fair — Publishing Perspectives

Open Access Books: “Introducing the Humanities Digital Library” (New From School of Advanced Study, U. of London) | LJ INFOdocket

Bookmaker: Macmillan’s bookmaking tool

Three modern technologies behind Macmillan Publishers’ automated EPUB toolchain — BookNet Canada

Most Young Millennials Love Piracy and Ad-Blockers — TorrentFreak

Many US Consumers Don’t Care About Revenue Damage Piracy Causes Media Industry — Irdeto

Overview – EDRLab
Principles – EDRLab

F-чтение и другие новые практики

EPUB Summit 2017, first press release – EDRLab

A Cold Start to the Year for Poland’s Publishers: Waiting for Regulatory Help

Despite What You Heard, The E-Book Market Never Stopped Growing | | Observer

Tools for Authors: Atomic Reach’s AI Copy Editor | The Digital Reader

What Are the Benefits of the IDPF-W3C Merger? — Digital Book World

49 Libraries Loan Out Over 1 Million eBooks in 2016

DBW 2017 Opening Themes: The Trade, Its Resilience, and Its Data

First look at Windows 10’s upcoming store for e-books — MSPoweruser

DBW ’17: Why are print sales up? Data Guy gives his reason—and it isn’t adult coloring books

Pearson to sell its stake in Penguin Random House | The Bookseller

November Bookstore Sales Rose 1.5%

Is Academic Publishing the Next to Go Indie? — BookWorks

November 2016 Bookselling and Digital Publishing Report

С 2017 года начали работу системы приема электронного обязательного экземпляра | Pro-Books.ru — Книжный бизнес

Книжный рынок в России начнет восстанавливаться в 2017 году — Российская газета

IDPF combining with W3C: the facts | International Digital Publishing Forum

Kindle Unlimited Funding Pool, Per-Page Royalty Both Rose in December 2016 | The Digital Reader

$1 of Every $2 Spent Online Goes to Amazon (*) | The Digital Reader

Nielsen Book Releases New UK and US Metadata Reports

Amazon’s new bookstores are copying independent booksellers — Business Insider

Kindle e-book supply hits 5 million mark

OverDrive’s Steve Potash Moves to Block IDPF Merger with W3C

Amazon Strike is a Prime Only Anime Streaming Service Good e-Reader

Wayback Machine Chrome extension now available | Internet Archive Blogs

What Canada’s Shelfie Data Suggests About Ebook Subscriptions — Publishing Perspectives

AAP Taps Maria Pallante to Succeed Tom Allen

Ъ-Газета — «Мы давно живем в условиях кризиса»

Rumors of the Demise of Books Greatly Exaggerated | Gallup

Ask a Librarian: What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Found in a Library Book? | Tin House

Russian Book Market Looks to Educational and Children’s Books in 2017

Firebrand Buys Canada’s Enthrill, HarperCollins Withdraws Crowley Book

Save the IDPF. Save EPUB. — Digital Book World

OverDrive Reports Library Borrowing of eBooks Up 16%, Audiobooks Up 34% in 2016 | The Digital Reader

Freedom of Speech: Publishing Associations Support Simon & Schuster

Сноб – Гузель Яхина: В цифровой книге автор остается с читателем один на один – сентябрь 2016 – Журнал

Учебники продолжат дорожать быстрее детективов — Российская газета

Print Book Sales Rose Again in 2016

Holiday Comp Sales Fell 9% at B&N

Members Unanimously Approve EPUB 3.1 as an IDPF Recommended Specification | International Digital Publishing Forum

Making a Book from Scratch is More Work Than You Think (video) | The Digital Reader

Kobo becomes new technology partner at the tolino alliance | Kobo Newsroom

Barnes and Noble Nook Losses Continue to Mount

The 2017 State of Self-Publishing

Insert a Character by Unicode or GID — InDesignSecrets : InDesignSecrets

Personanondata: Predictions 2017: Subscribe To Me

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and Kindle for PC 1.19 — MobileRead Forums

International Bestsellers, December 2016 — Publishing Trends

Kobo becomes new technology partner at the tolino alliance | Kobo Newsroom

Top Ten Trends in Publishing Every Author Needs to Know in 2017 – Written Word Media

Smashwords: 2017 Book Industry Predictions: Intrigue and Angst amid Boundless Opportunity

Как выбрать современную детскую книжку | Arzamas

Словесные игры | Arzamas

Book Publishing Market Overview: Vietnam’s Developing Readership

Connecting with Consumers, Open Road Media Grows Revenue

Publishing in 2017: Has the Startup Scene Cooled Off?

Which Books Are Coming to TV in 2017?

How iBooks Author is quietly winning the innovation game | The Bookseller

The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads | KurzweilAI

Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future | KurzweilAI

The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Fringe Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream | KurzweilAI

Mein Kampf Makes an Insidious Return to Germany’s Best Sellers List

G Suite Update Alerts: Page setup and ODF and EPUB support in the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps

Four Questions on the Kobo-Deutsche Telecom Deal | The Digital Reader

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on 1 January 2017? | The Digital Reader

Scribd Pulls Digital Comics From Its Subscription Reading Service | The Digital Reader

Netflix for Comics: Where to Find Unlimited Comics Now That Scribd Has Dropped Out | The Digital Reader

Amazon to Open Bookstore in Manhattan | The Digital Reader

Amazon to Open Second Bookstore in Boston, and a Pickup Location in College Park, MD | The Digital Reader

Children are ‘ill-prepared’ for life online, children’s commissioner claims

Report: “New York Public Library and European Digital Reading Lab Team Up For a Better E-Reading Experience” | LJ INFOdocket

Digital marketing and coping with Amazon are the two big challenges for publishers as we begin 2017 — The Shatzkin Files The Shatzkin Files

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