Линки за март (2017)

OZON.ru подвел итоги 2016 года

30 Best Self-Publishing Tools and Resources for Your Next Book

Germany’s Latest ‘KIM-Studie’: Children’s Media Usage Is Mobile and Busy

Creating a Book Cover Using JavaScript and p5.js | CSS-Tricks

Open Textbook Library

Lithuanians and Their Books: Highly Literate Readers, Fond of Translations

The Myth About Print Coming Back (Updated) | Jane Friedman

Third of EU Citizens OK With Piracy When There Are No Legal Options — TorrentFreak

Polish Publishers Call for Book Tax Deductions and Make Another Bid for Fixed Prices

Ebook publishing in China

Preserving Culture: Italy’s New Digital Library

Global Studies — Frequency of reading books | GfK Global

[60% of Online Population Reads Books Either Daily or at Least Once a Week GfK Study

EPUB is used for more things than you realize

Sweden’s Storytel to enter four new markets | Reuters

IPA Prepares a Mission to Georgia, Where Publishers Are ‘Heading to Annihilation’

De Gruyter sponsors Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) | N S R

Ebooks, Innovation, and the Rebel Within — The Scholarly Kitchen

Sci-fi author John Scalzi on the future of publishing: ‘I aspire to be a cockroach’ — The Verge

AAP: Trade Book Sales Down a Percent, eBook Sales Down 17% Through October 2016 | The Digital Reader

A Momentary Suspension of Disbelief | Boris Anthony

GitHub — JayPanoz/InDesign_ePubStarterKit: Un kit de démarrage InDesign pour structurer les exports ePub

GitHub — FriendsOfEpub/Blitz: An eBook Framework (CSS + template)

Pulling It Together: Editing Your Ebook — The Book Designer

Knowledge Unlatched, supported by libraries, and made available in PDF to any reader, anywhere in the world | N S R

The fall and rise of physical book sales worldwide – in data | Books | The Guardian

Germany’s Bastei Lubbe Launches the ‘oolipo’ Mobile Platform

Amazon Unveils Send to Kindle Functionality on iOS Good e-Reader

10 Things Authors Should Know About Ebooks | Pressbooks

Japan’s Digital Manga Market Grew by 28% Last Year | The Digital Reader

«Горький» — ресурс о чтении, а не рекомендательный сервис

Paperback fighter: sales of physical books now outperform digital titles | Books | The Guardian

Web Publications

Цифровой библиоцентризм

IPA’s Michiel Kolman on China: ‘A $10 Billion Concern’

Study shows who pirates free books, where & how

eBook Pirates Are Relatively Old and Wealthy, Study Finds — TorrentFreak

Ebook sales continue to fall as younger generations drive appetite for print | Books | The Guardian

EPUB Summit 2017 summary – EDRLab

Japanese e-book sales increase by 13.2% in 2016

HarperCollins Unveils Two Book Recommendation AI Bots To Facebook Good e-Reader

Good e-Reader Radio – Music to Read to

ChainGREP: A Script that Gives You GREP Super Powers — InDesignSecrets : InDesignSecrets

NSR is pleased to announce the upcoming “Understanding Ebooks” Workshop, in partnership with ALA | N S R

«Эксмо» открыло новый импринт «ГрандМастер» | Pro-Books.ru — Книжный бизнес

Hachette Partners with Wattpad to Produce Audiobooks

Reference: Publishing: “The Book Sector in Europe: Facts and Figures” | LJ INFOdocket

Kindle Unlimited Funding Pool Drop by $1 Million in February 2017 as | The Digital Reader

Piracy Cost American Book Publishers $315 Million in Lost Sales, Digimarc Claims | The Digital Reader

Hachette Unveils Children’s App Pairing Text and Music

Brazil Cuts Import Duties on eReaders, Drops Taxes on eBooks | The Digital Reader

Электронным книгам меняют переплет – Газета Коммерсантъ № 42 (6036) от 14.03.2017

Bill Rosenblatt: Readium LCP DRM for ePub set to launch

In Spain, Preliminary Data Suggests eBook Sales Reached Double Digits in 2016 | The Digital Reader

Sweden’s Storytel Buys Denmark’s People’s Press: ‘Everybody in the Same Family’

Readium LCP Set to Launch | Copyright and Technology

A partnership to bring open annotation to eBooks – Hypothesis

OSF | Rendering and Reading: Three University Presses Consider the Future of Scholarly Monographs

The Future of The Monograph in the Digital Era: A Report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Real Reason Why eReaders Succeeded as a Disruptive Innovation in the US, but not in Japan | The Digital Reader

February 2017 Big, Bad, Wide & International Report: covering Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo ebook sales in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – Author Earnings

Libro.fm Launches Audiobook Subscriptions | The Digital Reader

Bonnier to Launch Type & Tell Services Provider in the UK | The Digital Reader

Ebook Unit Sales at Each Retailer Broken Down by Publisher Type

Barnes and Noble Sells More eBooks Than Kobo

Adult Coloring Books Are No Longer Relevant

Áccent — Журналистика, веб-дизайн и медиабизнес

Indie Bookstores an Endangered Species in the UK | The Digital Reader

Barnes & Noble Reports Revenues Down 8% During the Holiday Quarter 2016 | The Digital Reader

Read.ru попал в долговую книгу – Газета Коммерсантъ № 36 (6030) от 02.03.2017

Amazon Unveils First East Coast Bricks and Mortar

Fast-growing PublishDrive takes on «unreliable, non-transparent» ebook market | The Bookseller

Audiobooks.com Data – Review of 2016

If the only necessary people in the publishing process are the writer and reader, shouldn’t libraries serve both? | N S R

Unfolding the @page – Paged Media

Boom! Pow! Ka-Ching!: Sales of Digital Comics and Graphic Novels — Publishing Trends

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