Круче всех французские пираты манги

The MOTif report reveals that of the 50 best-selling comics, 58% of these are not available as e-books. Pirated mangas are often streamed, whereas comic books are scanned. These generally good quality files, either PDFs or images, sell for an average of $15, slightly below the price of the equivalent paper book.

It is also interesting to note that these pirating teams are well organized and able to scan new mangas that are released in Japan. They even provide professional quality translations (including footnotes). The pirated comics are then sold online until the legal version appears in France, at which point they are removed. (After Japan, France is the country where the most mangas are sold.)

LeMOTif concluded that the results of their investigation are paradoxical; although the number of pirated comics is increasing, the number of paper comic book titles being sold is also increasing.

Мало того, что они её переводят с японского на английский, так ещё и продают по 15 баксов за штуку.
Это полный коллапс традиционной авторскоправовой-издательской модели.

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