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Amazon has released the monthly stats on its streaming ebook service, Kindle Unlimited. The retailer hasn’t told us the number of subscribers, but we do know that in August 2015 publishers and authors were paid from a pool worth $11.8 million. According to the two authors who (quietly) sent me info, Amazon paid authors about $0.0051 per page read. That is down from the $0.0058 that Amazon paid authors in July 2015, with the decline due to the sharp increase in the number of pages read (2.23 billion, up from 2 billion pages read last month). There is little commentary on the news just yet, but I do have one interesting datum for you: In terms of revenue paid to authors and publishers, Kindle Unlimited is now larger than the Nook Store.  […]

Source: Kindle Unlimited Payment Dipped in August 2015 as KU Passes Nook Store in Terms of Revenue Generated | The Digital Reader

Amazon стала платить авторам, книги которых доступны в Kindle Unlimited, больше в целом ($11,8 млн), меньше в расчете на страницу, страниц стали читать больше (на 11,5%).

И — новость! — один только Kindle Unlimited приносит авторам (и издателям) денег больше, чем весь Nook Store от Barnes & Noble.

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