Какой отличный проект, однако: читательско-издательский кооператив

The story of Ordfront began some 35 years ago in an old smokehouse on the south side of Stockholm and continued on an old farm in Småland, in the south of Sweden. There, the first members of Ordfront devoted themselves to rediscovering the art of printing books, whilst raising sheep and growing potatoes. For many years Ordfront was a marginal enterprise in the Swedish media world, even though the company’s move back to Stockholm meant a geographical relocation back to the centre.

But during the 1990s extraordinary things happened. After ten years of fighting bitter ideological trends and growing financial worries, Ordfront suddenly picked up a tailwind, thanks to the success of Henning Mankell’s crime novels. New members joined the association and things changed in a way no one could have imagined.

Today Ordfront publishes Sweden’s largest cultural magazine: Ordfront magasin. Modern comic strips for grown-ups are published in the magazine Galago, and the magazine Lyrikvännen publishes poetry.

First and foremost, Ordfront is a movement: an association with about 17,000 members, committed to the issues of democracy and human rights. Through this association, the businesses are united: the publishing company with a yearly total of about 40 new books, the magazines, and our own book club. This makes Ordfront unique. In an increasingly monopolized media market, Ordfront is a radical and viable alternative, which raises its voice regarding many urgent topics in Sweden and abroad.

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