iPad был предсказан 11 лет назад

Thanks to strong iMac sales, Steve Jobs is insanely great again, and accolades in the trades have called Apple’s reversal of fortune everything from a «rebound» to «the Second Coming.» The next iMac attack promises new lollipop laptops, a more serious series of professional machines, and a wireless handheld dubbed the iPad. Though it’s hard to argue with five straight profitable quarters, Apple’s teal-colored turnaround is saddled to a single product line — built on an aging operating system. And it’s just a matter of time before iMac imitators send in the clones. Can Apple find more new things, in Jobs’s words, «complementary to its core»? Memo to Steverino: Think different.

В заметке Wired в апрельском номере 1999 года. Авторы — Джесси Фрейнд и Стив Штейнберг.

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