Европейский библиотека растёт

Europeana’s collection of online European heritage passed the 5 million mark in early December, taking the multilingual digital library, museum and archive over halfway to its target of 10 million searchable items in 2010.

Portraits of notable Polish figures, including astronomer Copernicus and composer Frederic Chopin are among the newest additions to Europeana – part of some 257,000 images, texts, videos and sounds that were submitted by regional groups across Poland. The influx takes the proportion of Polish items on Europeana from 0.4 percent of the total to 5.5 percent.

“Connection with Europeana is a crucial milestone for the long process of the development of the Polish digital libraries infrastructure,” says Marcin Werla, Digital Libraries Team Leader at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, which has been leading the Polish project to feed digitized items into Europeana.

“As the first country from the EuropeanaLocal project, we were able to connect several hundreds of cultural and scientific institutions from the entire country.”

The achievement is a milestone not just for Europeana but also for EuropeanaLocal, a project that helps regional libraries, museums, archives and audio-visual archives contribute to Europeana.

Content will keep flowing from EuropeanaLocal. New items from the UK and Norway are already being processed. EuropeanaLocal aims to add some 3 million items to the Europeana database by mid-2010, making it one of the biggest contributing projects.

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