Европа: 15% к 2015 году

Futuresource Consulting, a UK-based consulting firm, published the research on e-books and e-readers. “Despite all this rapid growth in demand for e-books in Western Europe, the market is still in its infancy, representing less than 1 percent of total consumer spending on books,” Futuresource market analyst Fiona Hoy said. “Moving forward, there are enormous opportunities within the market and our forecasts show Western European e-book revenues will reach €1.6 billion by 2015, accounting for 15% of total book spend and representing one out of every five books sold in the region.”

Очередные предсказания. Примечательна констатация: «lack of local language titles has inhibited e-book growth, though this is starting to change».
Забавно ещё, что немцы больше склоняются к планшетам, а англичание — к ридерам.

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