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Что нового в InDesign CS6 с EPUB

A new dropdown menu in the EPUB Export Options dialog box gives you a choice of export formats: EPUB 2.01, EPUB 3, and an enticingly-named  ”EPUB 3 with Layout.”

Что нового в InDesign CS6 с EPUB

First let’s get that EPUB 3.0 with Layout one out of the way: As with a few other new commands in InDesign CS6, this option is more of a promise than a working feature. Choosing it results in a warning that it’s an “experimental” format they’re working on, aimed toward “adaptation of layouts across different mobile devices,” (so the “layout” in the name does not mean a fixed-layout EPUB), and currently only “specific Adobe viewer technologies” will work with this format, but these viewers are not named and aren’t available (yet). In other words, move on, nothing to see here folks, but we’ll let you know.

New features in EPUB 2.01 (and EPUB 3.0) are more gratifying. First, there’s the existence of the EPUB 3.0 option itself. When you choose it, you’re able to do EPUB 3-only things like create an EPUB with vertical Japanese text and placed HTML and Adobe Edge animations (which use HTML5 and CSS3), and include links to one or more external Javascript files. Exporting a document to EPUB 3.0 results in a valid EPUB 3.0 eBook, including the requisite new TOC.xhtml file and a fall-back TOC.ncx file for EPUB 2.x reading engines. Now all we need is an EPUB reader or device that understands EPUB 3, and we’re all set.

Что нового в InDesign CS6 с EPUB

Adobe has added new features and improved the mark-up for EPUB projects in general. You now have much more flexibility when splitting a layout into multiple XHTML files in the EPUB because you can tag one or more paragraph styles to Split Document whenever you export it to EPUB. Tables retain their cell styles (they get converted to CSS) along with column width and minimum row height information. Anchored and inline text frames now retain settings like fill color, border style and width, padding (text insets) and margins for text wrap. You can link to multiple custom CSS files instead of just one. —AMC

Коротко: почти ничего нового, кроме самой возможности экспорта в EPUB3. При этом ни о каких fixed layout речи не идёт. Но есть, хотя бы, вёрстка вертикального текста, некоторая анимация и JavaScript, и новый файл навигации toc.xhtml, знакомый по mobi. Кроме того, возможна более мелкая «нарезка» исходной вёрстки по файлам, более аккуратная вёрстка таблиц, оформления абзацев и использование нескольких CSS.

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