Автор бизнес-бестселлеров передал права Amazon

Ever since electronic books emerged as a major growth market, New York’s largest publishing houses have worried that big-name authors might sign deals directly with e-book retailers or other new ventures, bypassing traditional publishers entirely.

Now, one well-known author is doing just that.

Stephen R. Covey, one of the most successful business authors of the last two decades, has moved e-book rights to two of his best-selling books from his print publisher, Simon & Schuster, a division of the CBS Corporation, to a digital publisher that will sell the e-books to Amazon.com for one year.

Собственно, Кови просто забрал права на электронные книги у Simon&Schuster, и распорядился ими по собственному разумению. Первая ласточка? Ритейлер электронных книг в качестве издателя — логичный этап.

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