Альберт Венгер вложил в Wattpad 3,5 млн долларов

Other services that take a similar approach include Scribd, which began as a simple web-hosting service for documents but has expanded to try to appeal to writers and publishers. And much like other web services that rely on “user-generated content” — including YouTube — both Scribd and Wattpad have been criticized in the past for hosting copyrighted content that has been uploaded by users who don’t own the rights (Wattpad now has a system in place that allows authors and rightsholders to have content removed from the service). Co-founder Allan Lau says Wattpad’s main goal is simply to make it as easy as possible for writers of all kinds to find and connect with readers.

Венчурный капиталист Альберт Венгер вложил в Wattpad 3,5 млн долларов. Wattpad — это upload-сервис, на который пользователи загружают произведения. Свои. Или не свои. Не своих много. Теперь у канадского стартапа, наверное, будут деньги судиться с литагентами Пелевина )) Пелевин — просто к слову пришлось, но и его тексты там есть.

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