1 января — день Public Domain. С прошедшим праздником!

January 1st 2010 — and every January 1st –  is public domain day, the day we celebrate the entry of copyrighted works into the public domain.  In the United States no published work will pass into the public domain tomorrow — nor the next year, nor any year until 2019.  (If you lived in Europe you might now be celebrating the release of the works of Freud or Yeats.)  Thus, we have little to celebrate, and many costs to mourn.  Its sad to look at the works that could be entering the public domain today.

Groups around the world are using Public Domain Day as a way to explain the effects of our copyright system on our collective culture.   (Communia’s site and the Public Domain Works registry deserve special attention.)  )   For more details about Public Domain Day  go to the Center for the Study of the Public Domain’s Public Domain Day Website, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  And happy Public Domain Day, and Happy New Year, to all of you.

Статья Джеймса Бойла о вреде 70-тилетнего срока копирайта thepublicdomain.org

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